Cricket Quiz 4

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1. How many feet apart are the two wickets on a cricket pitch?

2. In the TV series Outside Edge, who played the part of Timothy Spall?s wife?

3. For which former England bowler was a one-minute silence observed before play in a county match at Guildford in July 1995?

4. Which cricketer was once offered the throne of Albania?

5. Who was the first overseas player to play county cricket for Yorkshire?

6. Jimminy Cricket is a character in which 1940 film?

7. A visiting cricket club from which country, touring England in 1995, included players called Peace, Harmony and Justice?

8. Complete this famous line of commentary: ?The bowler?s Holding, the batsman? s.?

9. Double Nelson represents what score?

10. Who in July 1997 scored a record 203 in a 40-over Sunday League cricket match?  


1. 66 feet (i.e. 22 yards)

2. Josie Lawrence

3. Harold Larwood

4. C B Fry

5. Sachin Tendulkar

6. Pinocchio

7. South Africa

8. Willey

9. 222

10. Alistair Brown


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