Sport Quiz 25

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Sports Quiz1. At which football ground did Eric Cantona attack a fan?

2. Which title did Sebastian Coe defend at the 1984 Olympics?

3. Why was Ronnie O?Sullivan disqualified from Irish Masters in 1998?

4. Which F1 driver won the world championship in 1988, 1990 & 1991?

5. Who won the open in golf in 1987, 1990 & 1992?

6. How many medals did Jesse Owens win in 1936?

7. Which UK Tennis player won the 1976 French Open?

8. Who beat Leon Spinks in 1978 to win WBA World championship?

9. Which sport was reintroduced to the Seoul Olympics after an absence of 64 years?

10. Who scored Southamptons Fa Cup Final Winner In The Seventies? 

11. Who fought Mohammed Ali In The Rumble In The Jungle?

12. Who retired  In The 90s  after 15 years as chairman of the FA?  

13. Who was the English Captain of The 1980 British Lions Tour?

14. Who was the first to ride seven Derby winners ?

15. Who managed Frank Bruno?

16. Who was the first Swede to win the Wimbledons Mens Singles?

17. Which left -handed batsman has scored the most Test Runs for  England?

18. Who Was The First To Win The Us Masters Five Times?

19. Who was Leeds manager before George Graham?

20. In cricket what is the maximum number of people that can be on the field when the ball is in play?


1. Selhurst Park

2. 1500m

3. Failing Drugs test

4. Ayrton Senna

5. Nick Faldo

6. 4

7. Sue Barker

8. Mohammed Ali

9. Tennis

10. Bobby Stokes

11. George Foreman

12. Bert Millichip

13. Bill Beaumont

14. Lester Piggots (Cell Mate)

15. Terry Lawless

16. Bjorn Borg

17. David Gower

18. Jack Nicklaus

19. Howard Wilkinson

20. 17 (11 fielders, 2 batsman, 2 umpires, & 2 runners)  


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