Pauls Football World Cup Quiz 1

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1. Which three England players have been shown a red card during a World Cup match?

2. Which colour shirts did Benito Mussolini insist the Italian players wear during the 1938 Football World Cup?

3. Name the seven players who have scored more than 10 goals in World Cup Football?

4. Which defending champions had the worst performance in a Football World Cup with 2 losses, 1 draw and no goals scored?

5. Which country has Brazil met twice in a World Cup final match?

6. What was Scotland's World Cup song in
    a. 1978
    b. 1998

7. In which year was the only World Cup in which England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland all qualified?

8. Which country has made a record number appearances in Football World Cup's without ever advancing to the next round?

9. Who was
    a. the oldest player to appear in a World Cup match
    b. the oldest player to appear in the final of a World Cup?

10. What colour did Her Majesty wear when presenting Bobby Moore with the Jules Rimet Trophy?


1. Ray Wilkins (1986), David Beckham (1998) and Wayne Rooney (2006)

2. 'Black shirts'

3. Ronaldo (15), Gerd Müller (14), Just Fontaine (13), Pele (12), Jurgen Klinsmann (11)  Sandor Kocsis (11) and Miroslav Klose (14)

4. France (2002)

5. Italy (1970 and 1994)

6. Two answers
    a. Ally's Tartan Army
    b. Don't Come Home Too Soon

7. 1958 in Sweden

8. Scotland

9. Two answers
    a. Roger Milla (42 years and 39 days)
    b. Dino Zoff (40 years and 133 days)

10. Yellow


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