Pauls Darts Quiz 1

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1. Who was the very first BDO World Darts Champion in 1978?

2. How many different ways are there to throw a nine-darter in 501?
a. 9,  b. 39,  c. 394,  d. 3,944

3. Which dart players use/d the following nicknames? One point for each correct answer.
a. Bobby Dazzler
b. History Maker
c. Jaws
d. The Demolition Man

4. Which double did Peter Wright hit in order to win his long sought after first PDC World Darts Championship?

5. What was Phil Taylor's first professional title in 1988?
a. UK Open,  b. Dutch Open,  c. Canadian Open,  d. US Open

6. Which three titles does one need to win in order to achieve the 'Triple Crown'?

7. Which three players have achieved the 'Triple Crown'?

8. What was former World Champion Bob Anderson's nickname?

9. What is
a. The  PDC World Championship trophy called?
b. The PDC World Matchplay trophy called?

10. Which pair have won the PDC World Cup of Darts a record four times?

11. What is Daryl Gurney's walk on song?

12. Who hit the first televised 9 darter?

13. A World Championship final winning finish of treble 20, treble 18, double 12 is named after which former champion?

14. Who is the youngest person to hit a televised 9 darter?

15. Who won the inaugural PDC World Darts Championship in 1994?

16. London Calling and Crazy Crazy Nights were used as walk on songs by which former World Champion?

17. Who hit the only 9 darter at a BDO World Championship?

18. Who has won a record 10 BDO Women's World Championship's?

19. What was the venue for the PDC World Darts Championship between 1994-2007?

20. Who threw a record 17 perfect darts at a PDC World Darts Championship?


1. Leighton Rees

2. Answer d. 3,944

3. Four answers.
a. Bobby George
b. Brendon Dolan
c. Colin Lloyd
d. Darren Webster

4. Double 10

5. Answer c. Canadian Open

6. Three answers. The World Championship, Premier League, World Matchplay.

7. Three answers. Phil Taylor, Michael van Gerwen, Gary Anderson.

8. The Limestone Cowboy

9. Two answers.
a. The Sid Waddell trophy
b. The Phil Taylor trophy

10. Phil Taylor and Adrian Lewis

11. Sweet Caroline

12. John Lowe

13. Keith Deller

14. Michael van Gerwen

15. Dennis Priestley

16. Eric Bristow

17. Paul Lim

18. Trina Gulliver

19. The Circus Tavern

20. Michael van Gerwen 

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