Pauls Sports Quiz 6

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1. At which Summer Olympic Games did 28 African countries refuse to participate?

2. Since 1986, the oldest existing world record in mens athletics is in which discipline? a. Shot put  b. 20 km walk  c. Triple jump  d. Hammer throw

3. Frankenstein-Dracula variation, Würzburger Trap, Giuoco Piano, Howell Attack, Lasker Defense, Queen's Indian, Monkey's Bum and London System are all examples of what?

4. Which keeper has kept a record 59 clean sheets in the Champions League?
a. Oliver Kahn,  b. Edwin van der Sar,  c. Iker Casillas,  d. Petr Chech

5. In FIFA World Cup Finals (not to be confused with the final match), name the player who has: a. played a record 26 matches, b. played a record 2,314 minutes

6. Which player has scored a record 14 goals in the UEFA European Championships?

7. Although the Netherlands have been runners-up three times, they have yet to win a FIFA World Cup. Name the two countries that have been runners-up twice without winning. One point for each correct answer.

8. Name the three female tennis players who have won the Grand Slam. (all four Grand Slam events within a calendar year) One point for each correct answer.

9. An electrical device and the most common (prefix) name for a football (soccer) club in the world. (6 letters)

10. In 1983, which English football club became the first sports club in the world to float on a stock exchange?


1. 1976 Summer Olympics, in Montreal

2. d. Hammer throw (Yuriy Sedykh)

3. Chess openings (opening moves in chess)

4. Answer c. Iker Casillas

5. Two answers: a. Lionel Messi b. Lionel Messi

6. Christiano Ronaldo

7. Two answers. Czechoslovakia (1934, 1962) and Hungary (1938, 1954)

8. Three answers. Stefi Graf, Margret Smith Court and Maureen Connolly.

9. Dynamo

10. Tottenham Hotspur F. C.

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