Pauls Football Quiz 1

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1. The following are some of the largest football stadiums in the world. Name the city in which they are found. 
    a. Stadium Strahov 
    b. Rungnado (May Day) 
    c. Azadi 
    d. Estadio da Luz

2.  Sherlock Holmes creator Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was the first keeper for which english football club ?

3. Which top goal getter in international competions wore the number 13 ? (68 goals in 62 int appearances and a European footballer of the year)

4. What colour did the Queen wear when presenting Bobby Moore with the Jules Rimet trophy ? (most people think the game was played in black and white)

5. Who was the youngest player in England's world cup winning team ?

6. The book "The clown prince of soccer " was about which football legend ? (he got an electric toaster as a signing-on bonus)

7. Why couldn't "The Bank of England" play in the 1970 world cup match between England and Germany?

8. Which English back four player has had goals disallowed in a make or break game in a world cup match and a European championship match ?

9. In which club's trophy cabinet would you find Alan Ball's flat cap ?

10. Which German imitated a cock (and Gazza) after scoring the deciding penalty in the EURO '96 semi final between England and Germany ?


1. Four Answers
    a. Prague 
    b. Pjongjang 
    c. Tehran 
    d. Lisbon

2. AFC Portsmouth

3. Gerd Müller (the bomber)

4. Yellow

5. Alan Ball

6. Len Shackleton

7. Montazumas revenge

8. Sol Campbell

9. Portsmouth FC

10. Andy Moller


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