Rugby Quiz 3

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1. What is the nickname of the Australian Rugby League team?

2. New Zealand has 2 rugby teams, one nicknamed the Kiwis, one the all black, which game does each play respectively?

3. What was unusual about the 1973 5 Nations championship?

4. Name the player who scored in every game for 2 consecutive seasons in Rugby league?

5. How long is a Rugby Union match?

6. Which 2 teams contest the Bowring Bowl?

7. In Rugby Union, what is the colour of Australia?s Jersey?

8. Which player holds the record for most caps for Wales in Rugby Union?

9. What is the name given to the dance performed by the All Blacks?

10. Which position is found in Rugby Union but not in Rugby league?


1. Kangeroos

2. Kiwis - League, All Blacks - Union

3. 5 way tie

4. David Watkins

5. 80 minutes

6. Oxford and Cambridge

7. Gold

8. Gareth Thomas (93 caps)

9. Haka

10. Flank or Wing Forward


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