Golf Quiz 2

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1. What is Lee Trevino's nickname?

2. What is the amateur's equivalent of the Ryder Cup?

3. What is the maximum number of clubs permitted in a golf bag?

4. What is the status of competitors in the Walker Cup?

5. What is the women's equivalent of the Ryder Cup?

6. What name did Jack Nicklaus give to his own golf course in honour of his favourite British course?

7. What nationality is golfer Vijay Singh?

8. Where does Ernie Els hail from?

9. Where is the 'home of golf'?

10. Where is the US Masters held?

11. Where was the first-ever US Open played in 1895?

12. Which actor shared his name with the winner of the 1939 British Open?

13. Which actress did Sam Torrance marry?

14. Which American played in the British Open only once and won it?

15. Which American won the British Open Golf championship five times between 1975 and 1983?

16. Which British golfer won the British Open in 1969?

17. Which comedian took his name from the 1912 British Open?

18. Which country hosted the 1997 Ryder Cup?

19. Which England cricket captain is an amateur golf champion?

20. Which English player scored a hole in one on the final day of the 1995 Ryder Cup?

21. Which European Open gave Seve Ballesteros his first-ever European win back in 1976?

22. Which famous American played his last British Open in 1995?

23. Which golfer was non-playing captain of the 1985 Ryder Cup team?

24. Which golfer was responsible for the US Masters?

25. Which Henry won his first British Open in 1934?

26. Which Irish golfer played in ten successive Ryder Cup teams?

27. Which is the oldest golf club in England?

28. Which is the oldest open championship in the world?

29. Which Northern Ireland golfer secured victory for Europe on the final day of the 1995 Ryder Cup?

30. Which showbiz golfer says, 'I'm in charge'?  


1. Supermex

2. Walker Cup

3. Fourteen

4. Amateurs

5. Curtis Cup

6. Muirfield

7. Fijian

8. South Africa

9. St Andrews

10. Augusta, Georgia

11. Newport, Rhode Island

12. Richard Burton

13. Suzanne Danielle

14. Ben Hogan

15. Tom Watson

16. Tony Jacklin

17. Ted Ray

18. Spain

19. Ted Dexter

20. Howard Clark

21. Dutch Open

22. Arnold Palmer

23. Tony Jacklin

24. Bobby Jones

25. Cotton

26. Christy O'Connor

27. Royal Blackheath, Kent, founded 1608

28. British Open

29. Philip Watson

30. Bruce Forsyth


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