Sporting Nicknames Quiz 1

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1. Which Formula One driver was nicknamed The Professor?

2. What was the nickname of the French tennis star Rene Lacoste?

3. Which snooker player was nicknamed The Grinder?

4. Which sportsman is known as The Golden Bear?

5. Who is the record breaking American sprinter of the 1990's with the nickname The Kansas Cannonball?

6. Which footballer was known as the Lion of Vienna?

7. In Rugby Union, who are the Puma's?

8. Deadly was the nickname of which bowler, who took 297 Test wickets?

9. Which famous European football club is known as The Old Lady?

10. Which British sporting personality was known as The Dark Destroyer?  


1. Alain Prost

2. The Crocodile

3. Cliff Thorburn

4. Jack Nicklaus

5. Maurice Greene

6. Nat Lofthouse

7. Argentina

8. Derek Underwood

9. Juventus

10. Nigel Benn  


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