Movie and Moviestars Quiz 19

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1) Who created Mickey Mouse?

2) Which famous comedian was the star of the films ?City Lights? and The Gold Rush?

3) Name the two stars of the film ?Out of Africa?

4) Who directed the film ET?

5) Who has gained more Academy Awards than other person in the film industry?

6) Who wrote the film script for ?The Third Man??

7) Who was Hulot in ?Monsieur Hulot?s Holiday??

8) Who was the male star of the film ?Shampoo??

9) Who plays Truman in the film the Truman show?

10) In which film did Bing Crosby win his only Oscar?  


1) Walt Disney

2) Charlie Chaplin

3) Meryl Streep & Robert Redford

4) Steven Spielberg

5) Walt Disney

6) Graham Greene

7) Jacques Tati

8) Warren Beatty

9) Jim Carrey

10) Going My Way


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