Science Fiction Quiz 2

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1. In which film does Yul Brynner play a robot gunfighter?

2. Ian Holm plays Ash in Alien, what is different about him?

3. Who wrote the first major novel about a war with alien invaders?

4. In what car does Michael J Fox go back to the future?

5. Which pop star played "The man who fell to earth"?

6. Which character makes a series of quantum leaps?

7. In which book do you meet a character called Thorin son of Thrain son of Thror?

8. Which actress played the equivalent of the 6 million Dollar man?

9. Who plays Arnold Schwarzeneggers wife in total Recall?

10. What is futile against the Borg?

11. Where would you regularly see the code NCC1701?

12. Who captained Stingray?

13. What was the name of Blake?s Sevens first ship?

14. Who was the 4th Doctor Who on TV?

15. What were people searching for in Waterworld?

16. What was the name of George Jetsons dog?

17. Who provided Darth Vaders voice?

18. What was the Highlanders name in the film?

19. Who played a young Obi Wan in Star Wars Episode 1 ? The Phantom Menace?

20. Who was the female star of Weird Science?


1. Westworld

2. Android

3. H G Wells

4. DeLorean

5. David Bowie

6. Dr Sam Becket

7. The Hobbit

8. Lindsay Wagner

9. Sharon Stone

10. Resistance

11. On the Starship Enterprise

12. Troy Tempest

13. The Liberator

14. Tom Baker

15. Dry Land

16. Astro

17. James Earl Jones

18. Connor McCleod

19. Ewan McGregor

20. Kelly Le brock


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