TV and Films Quiz 5

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1. Which red dwarf star played a prisoner in the TV series the governor?

2. In which film does the character played by Samuel L Jackson ask for the help of Kevin Spacey to get out of a hostage situation?

3. In which film does British rock star David Bowie star as a goblin king?

4. What was the children's TV series if William Lucas was the father and Judi Bowker was his horse loving daughter?

5. From which children's programme did the line ?as if by magic the shopkeeper appeared??

6. Which comedian come actor plays Jonathan Creek in the BBC1 crime mystery series?

7. Which actress with the initials RDM starred as the nanny from hell in the 1992 film the hand that rocks the cradle?

8. Which actress starred as Sarah opposite Ben Affleck in the 1999 film forces of nature?

9. Which friends actor starred alongside Bruce Willis in the film The Whole Nine Yards?

10. Which former Emmerdale actress once became the host of ITV's you?ve been framed in 1998?

11. On TV who had a business card with a matchstick man logo?

12. Who played Rocky Dennis in the mask?

13. What was Callan's Christian name?

14. Who played Thunderlips in rocky 3?

15. How was entertainer Nicolai Poliakoff better known?

16. In which 1991 film would you find the characters Outspan Foster and Joey the Lips Fagin?

17. What was Dangermans real name?

18. In which film does Kevin Costner play John Dunbar?

19. Which TV detective had a Secretary called Miss Lemon?

20. Who played the Virginian on TV?


1. Craig Charles

2. The Negotiator

3. Labyrinth

4. The Adventures of Black Beauty

5. Mr Ben

6. Alan davies

7. Rebecca de Mournay

8. Sandra Bullock

9. Mathew Parry

10. Lisa Riley

11. The Saint

12. Eric Stolz

13. David

14. Hulk Hogan

15. Coco the Clown

16. The Commitments

17. John Drake

18. Dances with Wolves

19. Poirot

20. James Drury


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