Pauls 70s Film Quiz 1

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Film Quiz1. In which film does a Moloko Plus loving Ludwig van fan live with his "M" and "P" ?

2. Which 1972 musical won eight Oscars ? "divine decadence darling"

3. The horse Khartoum plays a 'deciding' role in which classic 70's film ?

4. In which film is the bad guy a one handed criminal named Han who deals in drugs and white slavery ?

5. In which 1971 Oscar winning film is the main character a tough, no nonsense, pork pie hat wearing New York City detective ?

6. Which best selling American writer wrote and directed the sci-fi film Westworld ?

7. Who is the only one who understands John Shaft ?

8. With three words complete this movie trailer catch line for the film Alien. "In space no one can....."

9. In which 1970's films does Dustin Hoffman play the following characters ? 
    a. Carl Bernstein 
    b. Louis Dega 
    c. David Sumner 
    d. Lenny Bruce 
    e. Babe Levy

10. The following are lines from which 1970's films ? 
    a. My name is.... Names is for tombstones baby 
    b. It's pronounced Fronkensteen 
    c. you're gonna need a bigger boat 
    d. you talkin to me 
    e. There're all gonna laugh at you 
    f. Is it safe ? 
    g. It's as big as a house 
    h. Blessed are the cheese makers ? 


1. A Clockwork Orange

2. Cabaret

3. The Godfather

4. Enter the Dragon

5. The French Connection

6. Michael Crichton

7. "a complicated man no one understands him but his woman" from the theme song Shaft by Isaac Hayes.

8. "hear you scream"

9. Five Answers
    a. All the Presidents Men 
    b. Papillon 
    c. Straw Dogs 
    d. Lenny 
    e. Marathon Man

10. Eight Answers
    a.Live and Let Die 
    b. Young Frankenstein 
    c. Jaws 
    d. Taxi Driver 
    e. Carrie 
    f. Marathon Man 
    g. Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind 
    h. Life of Brian 


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