Pauls TV Westerns Quiz 2

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Note, considering the 'Golden Age' of TV westerns was during the 50s and 60s, this quiz may not be suitable for young wippersnappers. However if you are a ke mo sah bee of the genre, have fun! 

TV Westerns Quiz1. Which high class gentleman gun fighters' name was also that of an Arthurian Knight?   

2. Name the TV western with the aid of the following characters. 
    a. Lucas and Mark McCain  
    b. Miss Kitty
    c. Hannibal Hayes and Kid Cury
    d. Palidin

3. What kind of agents were the two heroes in 'The Wild Wild West'?

4. What was the name of John Cannon's 2nd wife in 'The High Chaparel'?

5. Which gunfighter hero in black kept a Derringer under his belt?

6. In a TV western comedy, which two 'good' outlaws "never shot anybody"?

7. Burt Reynolds played an Indian agent in which long running TV western?

8. With the aid of the following actors, name the TV western.
    a. James Garner
    b. Richard Boone
    c. Chuck Connors
    d. Leif Erikson
    e. Robert Conrad and Ross Martin
    f. Larry Storch
    g. Pete Duel and Ben Murphy
    h. James Drury
    i. Pernell Roberts
    j. Barbara Stanwyck and Lee Majors 

9. A cocktail with cola, grenedine and a maraschino cherry is named after which TV western hero?

10. Which TV western does one associate with Rossini's 'William Tell Overture'?


1. Paladin in 'Have Gun Will Travel'

2. four answers
    a. The Rifleman
    b. Gunsmoke
    c. Alias Smith and Jones
    d. Have Gun Will Travel

3. Secret Service Agents

4. Victoria. "... and Linda Cristal as Victoria"

5. Palidin

6. Hanibal Hayes and Kid Cury (Alias Smith and Jones)

7. Gunsmoke

8. 10 answers  
    a. Maverick
    b. Have Gun Will Travel
    c. The Rifleman
    d. The High Chaparel
    e. The Wild Wild West
    f. F Troop
    g. Alias Smith and Jones
    h. The Virginian
    i. Bonanza
    j. The Big Valley

9. Roy Rogers

10. The Lone Ranger


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