Pauls Film Quiz 2

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Film Quiz1. Which 1953 'sandal' film was billed "The first Motion Picture in CinemaScope. The Modern Miracle you can see without glasses"?  Clue, it (the title) was a little worse for wear and tear

2. Douglas Fairbanks was the first man to play which foxy character in 1920?

3. Which dance style came back in fashion after the success of 'Dirty Dancing' in 1987?

4. Which man was responsible for all of the following monumental fims?  
    The Ten Commandments (1924), 
    The Ten Commandments (1956), 
    Samson and Delilah (1949), 
    Cleopatra (1934), 
    King of Kings (1927)

5. Taking inflation into account, which 1962 film was the most expensive film ever made in black and white ?

6. Michael Cimino's film 'The Deer Hunter' won 5 Oscars. His next film cost 45 million dollars to make and was, although critically aclaimed, one of the biggest finacial flops in movie history. Which 1980 film was it ?

7. Rock Hudson and Doris Day made three films together. Can you name two.

8. One of the great scenes in movie history is a man recieving a shave from a very deft barber to the sound of Brahms 'Hungarian Dance no. 5.'. Name the film.

9. The name for two very well known film characters is the Latin word for 'no one'.   Name the two characters.

10. Who said "My left leg is Christmas, my right leg is Easter, why dont you come up and visit me between the holidays" ?


1. The Robe

2. Zorro  In 'The Mark of Zorro'  (Zorro means fox)

3. Mambo

4. Cecil B. DeMille

5. The Longest Day  (Schindlers List is now the most expensive black and white film if one excludes inflation)

6. Heavens Gate

7. Three Answers:
    Pillow Talk (1959), 
    Lover Come Back (1961) and 
    Send me no flowers (1964)

8. The Great Dictator

9. Captain Nemo and Nemo the fish.

10. Mae West


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