Pauls TV Quiz 1

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Television Quiz1 Which TV series took place in the following locations? 
    a: Cocoa beach 
    b: Sunnydale 
    c: Walnut Grove 
    d: Coral Key Park 
    e: Barkley Ranch

2. Who worked for 
    a: the Townsend agency 
    b: The Phoenix Foundation?

3. Only half the man Maxwell Smart was???

4. What was the name of 
    a: the chimp in Daktari 
    b: the fire breathing pet in the Munsters?

5. Who wanders barefoot through the US looking for his half brother Danny?

6. Which singer played the role of Sunny Crockett's wife in Miami Vice?

7. In which TV series would you find the following characters? 
    a: Father Francis Mulcahy 
    b: Frank Black 
    c: Paulie Walnuts 
    d: Major Roger Healy 
    e: Na' Toth 
    f: Alexander Waverly 
    g: Rupert Giles 
    h: Mingo 
    i: Whipper Cone 
    j: Chin Ho Kelly 
    k: Sue Ann Nivens 
    l: Big John Cannon 
    m: Buffy, Jody and Cissy

8. In Bonanza what is the closest town to the Ponderosa?

9. Sergeant Bosco B.A. Baracus. What did B.A. stand for?

10. Name the butler and the dog in Hart to Hart?


1. Five Answers
    a: I dream of Jeannie 
    b: Buffy the vampire slayer
    c: Little house on the prarie 
    d: Flipper 
    e: The Big Valley

2. Two Answers
    a: Charlies angels 
    b: Angus MacGyver

3. Agent 43...Maxwell Smart was agent 86

4. Two Answers
    a: Judy 
    b: Spot

5. Kwai Chang Caine in Kung Fu

6. Sheena Easton

7. Twelve Answers
    a: MASH 
    b: Millenium 
    c: Sopranos 
    d: I dream of Jeannie 
    e: Babylon 5 
    f: The man from UNCLE 
    g: Buffy the vampire killer 
    h: Daniel Boone (was a man)  
    i: Ally McBeel 
    j: Hawaii 5-0 
    k: The Mary Tyler Moore Show 
    l: The High Chaparral 
    m: Family Affair

8. Virginia City

9. Bad Attitude

10. Max and Freeway


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