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Television Quiz1. Which character refused to marry an evil man in 35 BC and was therefore cursed and forced to live in a small 'padded' room?

2. What was the name of Sunny Crocket's pet alligator in Miami Vice?

3. The character Mork first appeared in which popular US TV series?

4. Wo Fat was a bad guy in which TV series?

5. In which TV series would you find the following characters? 
    a: Louis LeBeau 
    b: John Doggett 
    c: Hop Sing 
    d: Detective Stanley 'Wojo' Wojohowicz  
    e: "Ponch" 
    f: Colt Seavers 
    g: Lovey Howell 
    h: "Potsie" Weber 
    i: Grace Van Owen 
    j: Devon Miles 
    k: Big Pussy Bompensiero 
    l: Cinamon Carter 
    m: Alexander Mundy

6. What is the name of the MASH theme song?

7. What were the names of Higgins' two dogs in Magnum?

8. What were the names of the criminal organisations in 
    a: The man from UNCLE 
    b: Get Smart

9. Which popular US TV series about a brave little 'girl' lasted an incredible 19 seasons between 1954 and 1973?

10. 13 years before the record breaking Dallas episode "Who shot J.R." (in terms of TV spectators), which TV series' final episode held the record? (Clue: Lt. Phillip Gerard shoots and kills Fred Johnson who was not all there)

If you find these too American here are two more for our UK visitors.

11. Due to which crime did the government have Jason King under their thumb?

12. Dr Who's time machine is called TARDIS. What do the letters stand for?


1. Jeannie in I dream of Jeannie

2. Elvis

3. Happy Days

4. Hawaii 5-0

5. Thirteen Answers
    a: Hogan's heroes 
    b: X-files 
    c: Bonanza 
    d: Barney Miller 
    e: CHIPS 
    f: The fall guy 
    g: Gilligans Island 
    h: Happy Days 
    i: LA Law 
    j: Knight Rider 
    k: Sopranos 
    l: Mission Impossible 
    m: It takes a thief

6. Suicide is painless

7. Apollo and Zeus

8. Two Answers
    a: THRUSH 
    b: Kaos

9. Lassie

10. The Fugitive...Fred Johnson was better known as the one armed man.

11. Tax evasion

12. Time And Relative Dimensions In Space


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