Pauls Film Quiz 3

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1. Mary Irwin and John C. Rice were the first to do what in film in 1896 ?

2. What were the first cinemas in the USA (circa 1900) called ?

3. Which French word was used to label films like The Maltese Falcon, Cape Fear, Gilda, Asphalt Jungle and Touch of Evil ?

4. Which film role do all of the following have in common ?  Douglas Fairbanks, Errol Flynn, Richard Todd, Lex Barker, Seam Connery and Patrick Bergen ?

5. Which Steven King book was the first to be filmed in 1976 ?

6. Who played the role of Capt. Bligh opposite each of the following Fletcher Christian's ?  a. Clark Gable    b. Mel Gibson  c. Marlon Brando

7. Plus or minus 1 year, how long did it take to make the Disney masterpiece 'Bambi' ?

8. What instrument did Joe, the character played by Tony Curtis in 'Some like it hot' play ?

9. In what  does Anita Ekberg take her famous bath in the film 'La Dolce Vita' ?

10. In which film does Robert De Niro play a gangster named Noodles ?


1. Kiss.

2. Nickelodeons.

3. Noir  (Film Noir) The black series of films.

4. Robin Hood.

5. Carrie.

6. a. Charles Laughton  b. Anthony Hopkins  c. Trevor Howard.

7. 5 years !!!

8. Saxaphone.

9. Trevi fountain.

10. Once upon a time in America.


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