Television Quiz 8

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The following quiz round was submitted by Lynne Boston from the UK. Many thanks again Lynne, another great quiz round.

The following questions all relate to programmes past and present. You must work out the answers from the cryptic clues given.


1. Persons inhabiting adjacent dwellings

2. Parish Officer in the vicinity

3. Singular buffoons and equine quadrupeds

4. Anonymous medical practitioner

5. I am uncertain as to whether I have information to impart to the second person singular

6. Final supply of fermented grape juice produced during the warmest season of the year

7. Avian creatures emitting sounds heard during electrical storms

8. The practice of jurisprudence in a major conurbation of Southern California

9. Single pedal extremity found in an excavation for the disposal of a cadaver

10. Enthronement ceremony held in a thoroughfare

11. Enchanting fairground attraction

12. Illegal taking of life as inscribed by a female person

13. Task of insurmountable difficulty

14. The totality of living beings irrespective of their size

15. Cardiovascular rhythm

16. Depressed apostle

17. Maintaining a visual status

18. Persons of heroic proportions competing in an arena of combat

19. Defective structures

20. Weekend evening entertainment at a capital venue 


1. Neighbours

2. Beadle?s about

3. Only Fools and Horses

4. Doctor Who

5. Have I got news for you?

6. Last of the summer wine

7. Thunderbirds

8. LA Law

9. One foot in the grave

10. Coronation Street

11. Magic Roundabout

12. Murder she wrote

13. Mission Impossible

14. All creatures great and small

15. Heartbeat

16. Blue Peter

17. Keeping up appearances

18. Gladiators

19. Fawlty Towers

20. Sunday Night at the London Palladium


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