Commercial Break Quiz 1

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The following quiz round was kindly submitted by Lynne Boston from the UK. Thanks again Lynne, another great round.

This set of questions relate to adverts which have appeared on our screens in times gone by. We?ve all seen them, but how many can you remember? 

1. Which ad featured Buzby, a feathered friend?

2. Who said, rather hopefully, "we're getting there"?

3. What was the first TV advert advertising?

4. Which ad, featuring cigarettes, said they were " cool as a mountain stream"?

5. What items of confectionery, now called "Starburst", were "made to make your mouth water"?

6. "Every little helps" according to this shopping chain

7. This product makes "budgies bounce with health"

8. Tony says these are "Grrreat!"

9. Leonard Rossiter appeared in a series of adverts alongside Joan Collins. What product were they advertising?

10. Which ad promoted a product "full of Eastern promise"?

11. This ad featured an enquiry for a book entitled "Fly Fishing" by J R Hartley. What was it actually advertising?

12. The ad showed robots laughing at humans who "peeled them with their metal knives". The product was?

13. "Mr Shifter, do you know the piano's on my foot?" "You hum it, son, and I'll play it." These are lines from which advert, featuring our national beverage

14. According to the adverts, this product is "the real thing"

15. Rowan Atkinson played an inept secret agent in this series of ads but, what was he advertising?

16. Who played Beattie, the proud Jewish grandmother, whose grandson gained an 'ology in this commercial?

17. Harry Enfield said: "This bloke's a nutter". What was he advertising?

18. Which company was telling everyone to 'put a tiger in your tank' back in the 60s?

19. Businessman Victor Kyam 'liked this product so much' he 'bought the company'. What was the product?

20. This is 'probably the best lager in the world'.  


1. British Post Office Telephones ? I?ll accept BT

2. Good old British Rail

3. Gibbs SR toothpaste ? the tube was set in a block of ice to highlight its cool taste ? first appeared on UK television on 22nd September 1955

4. Consulate menthol cigarettes

5. Opal Fruits

6. Tesco

7. Trill

8. Kellogg?s Frosties

9. Cinzano Bianco

10. Fry?s Turkish Delight

11. Yellow Pages

12. Cadbury?s Smash

13. PG Tips

14. Coca Cola (Coke)

15. Barclaycard

16. Maureen Lipman

17. Dime Bar

18. Esso

19. Remington razor

20. Carlsberg


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