1940s and 1950s Films Quiz 1

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The following quiz was kindly donated by Jay Patrick. Many thanks Jay, great work. Jay would like the website http://www.dragonarttattoo.net mentioned on our site in return for his quiz inclusion.

1. What was the name of the car that involved Kenneth More and Dinah Sheridan in the London to Brighton road run?

2. In which film did Vivien Leigh play Scarlett O'Hara?

3. Which actress married Prince Rainier of Monaco?

4. Which Alfred directed the thrillers 'Rebecca' and 'Notorious'?

5. How did Some Like It in the film with Jack Lemmon, Tony Curtis and Marilyn Monroe?

6. Where was Gene Kelly Singin' in 1952?

7. Which young star of 'East of Eden' died in a car crash aged 24?

8. Which distinguished actor, later a Lord, played the lead in 'Henry V'?

9. What is A Many Splendored Thing in the film about the Korean War?

10. In the 1957 film about Japanese prisoners of war, where was the Bridge?

11. Which dancer/actress Ginger won an Oscar in 1940?

12. In the Charlton Heston film how many commandments were there?

13. If Lady is a pedigree spaniel what is the name of the mongrel?

14. Which actor Orson starred in 'Citizen Kane' and 'The Third Man'?

15. Which yuletide classic was first sung by Bing Crosby in 'Holiday Inn'?  


1. Genevieve

2. Gone With The Wind

3. Grace Kelly

4. Hitchcock

5. Hot

6. In The Rain

7. James Dean

8. Laurence Olivier

9. Love

10. Over the River Kwai

11. Rogers

12. Ten

13. Tramp

14. Welles

15. White Christmas


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