1940s and 1950s TV Quiz 1

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The following quiz was kindly donated by Jay Patrick. Many thanks Jay, great work. Jay would like the website http://www.dragonarttattoo.net mentioned on our site in return for his quiz inclusion.

1. Which London theatre staged a Sunday night variety show?

2. Which current BBC current affairs programme began in 1953?

3. Whose coronation was televised in 1953?

4. What was the first name of eminent broadcaster Dimbleby?

5. Which TV puppet appeared with his creator Harry Corbett?

6. What was the number of the emergency ward in the hospital drama?

7. Which programme recreated Old Time Music Hall?

8. Which series about astronomy started with Patrick Moore?

9. Which programme surprised its 'victims' with a big red book?

10. Cliff Michelmore presented which nightly information programme?

11. Which comedian had a half hour show with his name in the title?

12. 'Laramie' and 'Maverick' were what types of series?

13. Which long-running series from 1956 looks at the week's press?

14. In which programme did a panel try to guess someone's occupation?

15. Desmond Morris presented which natural history programme?  


1. Palladium

2. Panorama

3. Queen Elizabeth II

4. Richard

5. Sooty

6. Ten

7. The Good Old Days

8. The Sky At Night

9. This Is Your Life

10. Tonight

11. Tony Hancock

12. Westerns

13. What The Papers Say

14. What's My Line?

15. Zoo Time


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