1940s and 1950s TV Quiz 2

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The following quiz was kindly donated by Jay Patrick. Many thanks Jay, great work. Jay would like the website http://www.dragonarttattoo.net mentioned on our site in return for his quiz inclusion.

1. What kind of creature was Lassie?

2. What was ITV given permission to include with its programmes that BBC could not?

3. Where were you invited to sit in to watch some theatre?

4. In which game did a group of National Service soldiers appear?

5. What were the names of the Flowerpot Men?

6. Gerald Campion played which overweight pupil of Greyfriars school?

7. Which bandleader's catchphrase was 'Wakey Wakey!'?

8. Which kid's series coined the phrase, 'Here's one we made earlier'?

9. Which series began in 1950 and has since been presented by Terry Wogan, David Jacobs and Rosemarie Ford?

10. Where was PC George Dixon's 'patch'?

11. What major TV event happened in 1955 on the night Grace Archer died on radio?

12. Which sports programme, begun in 1958, can still be seen on Saturday afternoons?

13. Who played the title role in 'I Love Lucy'?

14. What type of entertainer was David Nixon?

15. Which much-knocked talent show began its 20-year run in 1956?  


1. A dog

2. Advertisements

3. Armchair

4. Army

5. Bill and Ben

6. Billy Bunter

7. Billy Cotton

8. Blue Peter

9. Come Dancing

10. Dock Green

11. First night of ITV

12. Grandstand

13. Lucille Ball

14. Magician

15. Opportunity Knocks


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