War Films Quiz 2

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The following quiz was kindly donated by Jay Patrick. Many thanks Jay, great work. Jay would like the website http://www.dragonarttattoo.net mentioned on our site in return for his quiz inclusion.

Film Quiz1. At the time of which World War II event is 'From Here to Eternity' set?

2. During which war was 'Platoon' set?

3. For which Robert de Niro film was 'Cavatina' the theme music?

4. Hits from which decade were on the soundtrack of 'Good Morning, Vietnam'?

5. How was the film 'Patton' known in the UK?

6. How were the 12 convicts recruited for a suicide mission known in the 1967 movie?

7. In 'A Town Like Alice' what does 'Alice' refer to?

8. In 'The Colditz Story' what type of building was Colditz?

9. In which country is 'The Killing Fields' set?

10. In which English county were the GIs billeted in 'Yanks'?

11. 'The Eagle Has Landed' centres on a plot to kidnap whom?

12. What type of soldiers were the four Britons in 'The Wild Geese'?

13. Where was it 'All Quiet' in the classic film made in 1930?

14. Which musical satire on war was directed by Richard Attenborough?

15. Which 1940 film starred Charlie Chaplin as despot Adenoid Hynkel?


1. Pearl Harbor

2. Vietnam war

3. The Deer Hunter

4. The 1960s

5. Patton - Lust for Glory

6. The Dirty Dozen

7. Alice Springs

8. A castle

9. Cambodia

10. Lancashire

11. Winston Churchill

12. Mercenaries

13. On the Western Front

14. Oh! What A Lovely War

15. The Great Dictator


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