Pauls TV and Film Quiz 2

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1. The two amiable lawbreakers Robert LeRoy Parker and Harry Longabaugh were better known as what?

2. Which Sergeant Detective Lieutenant worked with Scientist Ted Olson under the watchful eye of Captain Ed Hocken?

3. In the film 'Airplane', Leslie Nielson's line "don't call me Shirley" was a response to which question?

4. Which film producer with a vegetable as a last name, was, until his death, involved in most of the James Bond films?

5. Which famous Hollywood actor was buried in his Dracula costume?

6. What do the actors Rex Harrison, Yun Fat Chow and Yul Brynner all have in common?

7. In film, which genteel family owns the 'Twelve Oaks' plantation?

8. Marion Crane is the tragic figure in which cult horror film?

9. Who was the first man to win the Academy Award for best actor two years in a row? 
    a. Clark Gable 
    b. James Stewart 
    c. Charles Laughton 
    d. Spencer Tracy

10. What was Ben Hur's first name?

11. The following horses are found in which films? 
    a. Pilgrim 
    b. Boxer 
    c. Bill 
    d. Antares

12. Dr Teeth excluded, name two members of the Muppet band 'Dr Teeth and the Electric Mayhem'. 


1. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

2. Sergeant Frank Drebin, Detective Lieutenant Police Squad' in the Police Squad TV series and Naked Gun movies, played by the late Leslie Nielsen.

3. "Surely you can't be serious?"

4. Albert R Broccoli

5. Bela Lugosi

6. They have all played the King (King Mongkut) in film. Harrison (Anna and the King of Siam, 1946) Chow (Anna and the King, 1999) Brynner (The King and I, 1956)

7. The Wilkes family (in 'Gone With The Wind')

8. Psycho

9. d. Spencer Tracy (1937 for Captains Courageous and 1938 for Boys Town)

10. Judah

11. Four answers 
    a. The Horse Whisperer 
    b. Animal Farm 
    c. The Lord of the Rings 
    d. Ben Hur

12. Janice, Sgt Floyd Pepper, Zoot, Animal and Lips 


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