Pauls TV and Film Quiz 1

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1. Which world famous Hollywood actress does one associate with the words "I want to be alone.."?

2. What are the genetically engineered robots called in the film 'Blade Runner'?

3. In which films does John Malkovich play the following roles? One point for each correct answer: 
    a. Cyrus 'the virus' Grissom; 
    b. Vicomte Sebastian de Valmont; 
    c. John Malkovich; 
    d. Humma Kavula; 
    e. Galbatorix; 
    f. Osborne Cox

4. Spats Columbo is the bad guy in which popular black and white film?

5. Which anti-social television character does not like pickles?

6. The 1967 film 'Casino Royale' was an "absurd masterpiece" with an international all-star cast. With the aid of the following initials name some of those stars. One point for each correct answer: 
    a. D N; 
    b. P S; 
    c. U A; 
    d. O W; 
    e. D K; 
    f. W H; 
    g. J P B; 
    h. C B; 
    i. R C; 
    j. B C; 
    k. P O; 
    l. W A.

7. Which 2007 film, the third in a series, was the most expensive Hollywood film ever made?

8. What was the name of Sonny Crockett's pet alligator in the cult TV series Miami Vice?

9. In which film does John Hurt play the following roles? One point for each correct answer: 
    a. Kane; 
    b. John Merrick; 
    c. Winston Smith; 
    d. The Marquis of Montrose; 
    e. Quentin Crisp; 
    f. Mr Ollivander

10. The Andrea Gail is an ill-fated ship in which Hollywood film?  


1. Greta Garbo

2. Replicants (or 'skin jobs')

3. Six answers: 
    a. Con Air; 
    b. Dangerous Liaisons; 
    c. Being John Malkovich; 
    d. The Hitchiker's Guide To The Galaxy; 
    e. Eragon; 
    f. Burn After Reading

4. Some Like It Hot

5. Dr Gregory House

6. Twelve answers: 
    a. David Niven; 
    b. Peter Sellers; 
    c. Ursula Andress; 
    d. Orson Welles; 
    e. Deborah Kerr; 
    f. William Holden; 
    g. Jean Paul Belmondo; 
    h. Charles Boyer; 
    i. Ronnie Corbett; 
    j. Bernard Cribbens; 
    k. Peter O'Toole; 
    l. Woody Allen.

7. Pirates of the Caribbean, At the worlds end.

8. Elvis

9. Six answers: 
    a. Alien (or Spaceballs); 
    b. The Elephant Man; 
    c. 1984; 
    d. Rob Roy; 
    e. An Englishman in New York; 
    f. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

10. The Perfect Storm  


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