Pauls TV and Film Quiz 6

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1. Edward Nigma is better known as which Batman character?

2. Anthony Hopkins, Trevor Howard and Charles Laughton have all played which historical figure in film?

3. In which book or film would you find the following talking donkeys? One point for each correct answer. a. Benjamin, b. Donkey, c. Nick Bottom

4. In which film does Gene Hackman play each of the following characters? One point for each correct answer: a. 'Little Bill' Dagget, b. 'Popeye' Doyle, c. FBI special agent Rupert Anderson, d. US President Allen Richmond, e. Major General Stanislaw Sosabowski

5. "Made it, Ma! Top of the world." are the last words from the bad guy in which classic gangster film?

6. Which cult film takes place in LA, New York, Paris, Rome and Helsinki?

7. Which 1973 horror film takes place on Summerilse, a fictional island in the Hebrides?

8. What is the name of the saber-toothed squirrel in the film Ice Age?

9. In which film does Kevin Spacey play each of the following characters? One point for each correct answer: a. John Doe, b. Prot, c. Lester Burnham, d. Quoyle

10. Max von Sydow, Donald Pleasence, Charles Grey and Telly Savalas have all played which character in film?

11. Which 1968 film, nominated for seven Academy Awards, takes place during the Christmas holidays in the year 1183 AD?

12. Name the film in which Pierce Brosnan plays each of the following characters. One point for each correct answer. a. ex British Prime Minister Adam Lang, b. Valeri Petrofsky, c. Dr. Lawrence Angelo, d. Professor Donald Kessler


1. The Riddler (E. Nigma)

2. Captain Bligh

3. Three answers: a. Animal Farm, b. Shrek, c. A Midsummer Night's Dream

4. Five answers: a. Unforgiven, b. The French Connection, c. Mississippi Burning, d. Absolute Power, e. A Bridge Too Far

5. White Heat (James Cagney)

6. Night on Earth

7. The Wicker Man

8. Scrat

9. Four answers: a. Seven, b. K-Pax, c. American Beauty, d. The Shipping News

10. Ernst Stavro Blofeld

11. The Lion In Winter

12. Four answers: a. The Ghost Writer, b. The Fourth Protocol, c. The Lawnmower Man, d. Mars Attacks

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