Pauls Silent Film Quiz 1

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1. Which controversial 1915 movie from director D.W Griffith was the top grossing film of the silent film era?

2. With epic movies between the years 1914 and 1958, which Hollywood legend spanned the silent and sound film eras and is still today the most commercially successful producer-director in film history?

3. Which European born actress who successfully bridged the silent and sound film eras was MGM's biggest box office attraction until she decided she wanted to "be alone"?

4. Charlie Chaplin continued to make silent films well into the sound era. With the movie poster tag line "He Talks!", what was both his first true sound film and his greatest commercial success?. 

5. Which famous film studio was founded in 1919 by D.W. Griffith, Charlie Chaplin, Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks?

6. The sex symbol and silent film star Clara Bow was given which nickname?
a. The It Girl,  b. The Blonde Bombshell,  c. America's Sweetheart,  d. The Vamp

7. Known at one time as "The King of Hollywood", which actor, famous for his swashbuckling roles as Robin Hood, Zorro and The Thief of Bagdad, saw his career decline with the advent of talking films? 

8. An estimated 100,000 mourners, many of them hysterical, lined the streets of New York for which silent film star's funeral in 1926?

9. Which iconic silent film comedian, stuntman and director was nicknamed "The Great Stoneface"?
a. Harold Lloyd,  b. Fatty Arbuckle,  c. Buster Keaton

10. Which 1927 film with Al Jolson heralded the demise of the silent film era?



1. Birth of a Nation

2. Cecil B. DeMille

3. Greta Garbo

4. The Great Dictator

5. United Artists

6. Answer a. The It Girl

7. Douglas Fairbanks

8. Rudolph Valentino

9. Answer c. Buster Keaton

10. The Jazz Singer


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