Pauls Silent Film Quiz 2

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1. What was the famous movie poster tag line for the 1930 Hollywood film Anna Christie starring Greta Garbo?

2. Which early 1980s Hollywood child star with the initials D.B. was the granddaughter of a famous American silent film star?

3. Which 1925 silent film from the Russian director Sergei Eisentein was crowned "The greatest film of all time" at the Brussels World Fair in 1958?

4. "The Fiery Cross of the Ku Klux Klan" was a movie poster tag line for which controversial 1915 film?

5. What is the name of the female robot (or 'maschinenmensch') in Fritz Lang's futuristic 1927 film Metropolis?

6. Which 1927 Buster Keaton film did Orson Welles call "the greatest comedy ever made, the greatest civil war film ever made, and perhaps the greatest film ever made"?

7. In which classic silent film does a starving Charlie Chaplin share his boiled leather shoe with a companion?

8. Which 1921 silent film that broke attendance records across the United States used the following movie poster tag line?
"A flaming romance of desert love. Flinging away the trappings of civilization leaving the "lady" only a woman, the "gentleman" only a man."?

9. According to Rotten Tomatoes; which German made film based on Bram Stocker's Dracula was "one of the silent film era's most influential masterpieces."?

10. Which Canadian actress was dubbed "America's Sweetheart" during the silent film era?


1. Garbo Talks !

2. Drew Barrymore (John Barrymore's granddaughter)

3. Battleship Potemkin

4. The Birth of a Nation

5. Maria

6. The General

7. The Gold Rush

8. The Sheik

9. Nosferatu (Nosferatu: A Symphony of Terror)

10. Mary Pickford

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