Word Chain Quiz 2

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The last letter of each answer is the first letter of the following answer

1. What is the name of the US State that has a climbing plant named after it?

2. What type of chemical can be used to neutralise an acid?

3. What abbreviation is used as the numbering system for library books?

4. What is the French word, meaning new, that is a style of cooking that emphasises fresh ingredients and attractive presentation?

5. Name the evergreen tree from who?s leaves a strong smelling oil is obtained?

6. What was the original name of Leningrad?

7. What name is given to a small anchor with three or more flukes or hooks?

8. Name the famous Knight of King Arthur who was the lover of Queen Guinevere?

9. What is the second name of the ex world leader who recently lost their head?

10. Who was the twin brother of Remus?


1. Virginia

2. Alkali


4. Nouvelle

5. Eucalyptus

6. St Petersburg

7. Grapnel

8. Lancelot

9. Thatcher

10. Romulous


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