Same initials Quiz 6

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The answers throughout this round have the same initials.

1. Where can the carved heads of four American presidents be seen?

2. Who starred as Agatha Christie's Miss Marple in several films of the 1960s?

3. Which ship was raised from the bed of the Solent in 1982?

4. What was the name of Nerys Hughes' character in the TV show the district nurse?

5. What flows from Tibet through china, Laos Cambodia and Vietnam?

6. Which famous horse won the derby and the eclipse stakes in 1971?

7. Which labour politician was home secretary from 1976-1979?

8. Which polish born dancer opened her own dance school in London in 1920?

9. What takes place at Watkin's glen in the USA?

10. Who with her backing group had hits entitled Jimmy Mack and dancing in the streets?  


1. Mount Rushmore

2. Margaret Rutherford

3. Mary rose

4. Megan roach

5. Mekong river

6. Mill reef

7. Merlyn Rees

8. Marie Rambert

9. Motor racing

10. Martha reeves


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