Same initials Quiz 7

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1. What proverbially accompanies cold hands?

2. In which house did Catherine Earnshaw live?

3. What can be seen on hillsides at Uffington 20 miles SW of oxford and in the vale of York?

4. In which part of the houses of parliament, built by William II, did Winston Churchill lie in state after his death?

5. Who first played the owner of the Tardis?

6. Which bandleader used the signature tune "woodchopper's ball"?

7. In which novel does a Spanish sailor called Don Guzman appear?

8. Which famous artists work included the rake's progress?

9. Which is England?s biggest cave?

10. What in mythology was Pegasus?  


1. Warm heart

2. Wuthering heights

3. White horse

4. Westminster hall

5. William Hartnell

6. Woody Herman

7. Westward ho

8. William Hogarth

9. Wookey hole

10. Winged horse


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