Two for One Quiz 1

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The following quiz round was submitted by Alan MacDonald from the UK.  Many thanks again Alan, a great round!

The answer to the second part of the question is an anagram the to answer of the first

1. The surname of the Oscar Wilde character who doesn't age / A cheese with a coating of nettles

2. The first US TV sitcom couple to be seen regularly sharing a bed / The medical term for the breastbone

3. Heirich Himmler was head of this from 1936 / With what would you associate Roland Hill

4. The Latin for "therefore" / In fable, a man-eating giant

5. The river that flows through Shrewsbury / These are the "signal system" of the human body

6. The title of the 1962 single that was the first by a British group to top the US charts / A transitive verb meaning to frighten or alarm suddenly

7. The part of the body affected by Periodontal disease / To be irritatingly pleased with oneself, self-satisfied

8. Animals said to "box" during the mating season / A divided up unit of the value of a company

9. The first part of the name of a recording company set up on a borrowed $800 / An island 56 miles south of Sicily

10. The surname of a famous fictional crime solver / The surname of a golfing legend


1. Gray / Yarg

2. Munster / Sternum

3. Gestapo / Postage

4. Ergo / Ogre

5. Severn / Nerves

6. Telstar / Startle

7. Gums / Smug

8. Hares / Share

9. Tamla / Malta

10. Marple / Palmer


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