Cryptic Quiz 8

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1. What DH is a British Pop Art Artist?

2. What HS is something airtight?

3. What LA is the City Of Angels?

4. What TW gives you a parking ticket?

5. What LIW are the Queen?s attendants?

6. What GMT is a temporal classification?

7. What BR managed England?s Football team?

8. What FK is a switchblade?

9. What CR played the Joker

10. What LW starred Mel Gibson and Danny Glover

11. What FAAF is someone in great physical health said to be?

12. What BA is the tail-less monkey found on Gibraltar?

13. What RMA is Sandhurst?

14. What MA is the Boxer who was once CC?

15. What AO is the world?s second largest water mass?

16. What VSOP is a type of Brandy?

17. What RJ was co-founder of the SDP?

18. What OU won the 1986 Littlewoods Cup?

19. What EP is now Bangladesh?

20. What BP founded the boy scouts and girl guides?  


1. David Hockney

2. Hermetically Sealed

3. Los Angeles

4. Traffic warden

5. Ladies In Waiting

6. Greenwich Mean Time

7. Bobby Robson

8. Flick Knife

9. Ceaser Romero

10. Lethal Weapon

11. Fit As A Fiddle

12. Barbary Ape

13. Royal Military Academy

14. Muhammed Ali

15. Atlantic Ocean

16. Very Special Old Pale

17. Roy Jenkins

18. Oxford United

19. East Pakistan

20. Baden Powell


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