Language Quiz 3

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The following quiz was submitted by Marie from the UK. Many thanks Marie.

1. Give an example of a Onomatopoeia?

2. Reverse a portion to make an ambush?

3. Spell Millennium?

4. Which famous pig is worth ?1.05?

5. What 8 letter word can be made from the letters found in the following sets of words Ale, Lake and link? (eg soon, sun and toil would be solution)

6. What is the difference between an Entomologist and an Etymologist?

7. Anagrams, which American president was not normally ?a vote loser??

8. Eponyms, Which American cabinet maker gave his name to a luxurious railway carriage?

9. Give an example of a Palindrome?

10. Add a letter to the beginning of a famous ficticous (radio) town to make a famous UK city?  


1. Plonk, Fiz, Burp (And so on)

2. Part / Trap


4. Guinea

5. Alkaline

6. Entomologist - studies insects, Etymologist studies words

7. Roosevelt

8. (George Mortimore) Pullman

9. Rotor, Radar etc (a word or sentence spelt the same in either direction)

10. Ambridge, Cambridge


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