Capital Punishment Cryptic Quiz 2

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The following quiz round was submitted by Alan Macdonald from the UK. Many thanks again Alan, great job once again!

Identify the capital cities from the following cryptic clues

1. You'll need a pair of these in the rain

2. Totally ruin your medicinal inhalant

3. Sounds like you don't need any money to visit this place

4. In Africa, is this where you'd bury an old banger?

5. A level of achievement in an exam for a campanologist perhaps

6. Give a university boat-crew their starting lines on stage

7. The most commonly used letter in the English language - three times!

8. A film record of a "python's" activities?

9. In Africa, sounds like you you set up tents in the French style

10. Certainly doesn't sound like a woman


1. Wellington

2. Rekyavik

3. Freetown

4. Khartoum

5. Belgrade

6. Kuwait

7. Tripoli

8. Montevideo

9. Kampala

10. Amman


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