Same initials Quiz 8

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Simple concept, all the answers consist of two words, both have the same initials throughout

1. What do you offer in order to promote peace or goodwill?

2. Which nickname is sometimes given to the police force?

3. What must a snooker player attempt to hit with the white?

4. Which type of broad trousers were fashionable in Britain's leading university city between the two world wars?

5. What name is commonly given to the Central Criminal Court?

6. What proverbially comes before "twice shy"?

7. Which Russian athlete won the first ever Olympic 10,000 metres for women in 1988?

8. What with the temporal, frontal and parietal forms the human skull?

9. Which character did Ryan O'Neal play in the film Love Story?

10. What code name was given to the German invasion of Russia during World War II?  


1. Olive Branch

2. Old Bill

3. Object Ball

4. Oxford Bags

5. Old Bailey

6. Once Bitten

7. Olga Bondarenko

8. Occipital Bone

9. Oliver Barrett

10. Operation Barbarossa


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