Same initials Quiz 9

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Simple concept, each of the answers consist of two words and have the same initials

1. Which character did Terence Alexander play in the tv show Bergerac?

2. Which group had top 10 hits with "On the Road Again" and "Let's Work Together"?

3. Which type of knot is used to secure a rope to a post?

4. Which actor has played the role of Jack Sugden for a number of years?

5. In the grounds of which establishment does the Royal Horticultural Society stage an annual flower show in May?

6. Which building has, since 1953, been the home of the Queen Mother?

7. For which stewardship does an MP apply when he wishes to resign his seat?

8. Which type of headgear is triangular in shape?

9. Which infamous character in childrens literature was stalked by a crocodile?

10. Who was the fifth wife of Henry VIII and the second to be beheaded?  


1. Charlie Hungerford

2. Canned Heat

3. Clove Hitch

4. Clive Hornby

5. Chelsea Hospital

6. Clarence House

7. Chiltern Hundreds

8. Cocked Hat

9. Captain Hook

10. Catherine Howard


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