Put Them In Order Quiz 3

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The following quiz round was submitted by Cricketer from the UK. Many thanks Cricketer, great job!

1. List the following four inventions in order staring with the earliest,
    Diesel Engine, Hovercraft, Battery and Jeans

2. List the following four composers in order of their date of births starting with the earliest, 
    Bach (Johann Sebastian), Rogers (Richard), Joplin (Scott) and Mozart (Wolfgang Amadeus)

3. List the following four British islands in order starting with the most northerly, 
    Iona, Lundy, Ailsa Craig and Tresco

4. List the following birds in order starting with the smallest: 
    Cuckoo, House Martin, Blackbird and Starling

5. List the capitals of the following 4 countries in order starting with the capital with the least number of letters: 
    Austria, Malta, Peru and Iraq.

6. List the following 4 lengths in order starting with the smallest,
    1 yard, 10 inches, 25cm & 1000mm

7. List the following four European cities in order starting with the most northerly: 
    Aberdeen, Newcastle-on-Tyne, Copenhagen, and Stockholm.

8. List the following four points in order starting with the most southerly:
    the southerly mainland tips of South America, Africa, New Zealand and Tasmania?

9. Put the following famous British lighthouses in order starting with the most northerly 
    Mumbles, Bishop Rock, Eddystone, and Flamborough

10. List the following four ships in order of their launch date starting with the earliest: 
    James Cooks ?Discovery?, The Clipper ship ?Cutty Sark?, Brunel?s ?SS Great Britain? and the pilgrims ?Mayflower?


1. Alessandro Volta Battery 1799,  Levi Strauss Jeans 1850,  Rudolf Diesel Diesel Engine 1892 and Christopher Cockerell Hovercraft 1955

2. Bach (1685), Mozart (1756), Joplin (1868) and Rogers (1902)

3. Iona (Inner Hebrides), Ailsa Craig (Firth of Clyde), Lundy (Devon coast) and Tresco (Scilly Island)

4. House Martin (12.5cm), Starling (21cm), Blackbird (25cm) and Cuckoo (33cm)

5. Lima, Vienna, Baghdad and Valletta

6. 25cm (0.250m), 10? (0.254m), 1 yard (0.9144m) 1000mm (1m)

7. Stockholm (Sweden) 59 deg 17 minutes Aberdeen (Scotland) 57-09 Copenhagen (Denmark) 55-40 Newcastle-on-Tyne (England) 54-58

8. South America, New Zealand, Australia and Africa.

9. Flamborough, (Yorkshire)  Mumbles (Swansea), Eddystone (Cornwall/Devon border) and Bishops Rock (westernmost tip of the Isles of Scilly)

10. 1609ish Mayflower, 1774 Discovery, 1843 SS Great Britain and 1869 Cutty Sark


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