All But One Quiz 1

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The following quiz round was submitted by John Tustin from Thailand. John presents his quiz at The Frog & Gecko Pub, every Wednesday at  Fishermans Village, Koh Samui, Thailand.  Many thanks John, great job!

9 answers begin with the letters BUT and one does not

1. Pantomime Character in Cinderella ?

2. The Gluteus Maximus accounts for much of yours ?

3. MTV Cartoon Character who wears an AC/DC T shirt?

4. Swimming style used on the third leg of a medley relay race?

5. Highly inflamable odorless gas with the symbol CH3CH2CH2CH3 ?

6. Regional Centre in the Philippines?

7. Surname of British F1 Racing Driver with McClaren Mercedes?

8. Surname of Character played by Sid Owen in Eastenders?

9. Fictional cartoon character in South Park, whose alter ego is Professor Chaos?

10. Ameican train and bank robber born Robert Le Roy Parker?


1. Buttons

2. Buttocks

3. Butt-Head

4. Butterfly-stroke

5. Butane

6. Butuan

7. Hamilton

8. Butcher

9. Butters Scotch

10. Butch Cassidy


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