Put Them In Order Quiz 4

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The following quiz round was submitted by Cricketer from the UK. Many thanks Cricketer, a great round once again.

1. List the following four inventions in order starting with the earliest, 
    Morse code, Penny Farthing, Telescope, and Spinning Jenny

2. List the following four Yorkshire folk in order starting with the earliest by date of birth  
    Amy Johnson (aviator), Henry Moor (artist and sculptor), Thomas Chippendale (cabinet-maker) and Emily Bronte (author of Wuthering Heights)

3. List the following four weights in order staring with the smallest
    2 ozs, 570 grams, 1 lb and 30 grams

4. In terms of area (square kilometers), list the following four countries in order of size starting with the largest: 
    Norway Sweden Denmark and Finland

5. List the following five sports stars in order starting with the oldest: 
    Laura Davis (golf), Steve Davis (snooker), Virginia Wade (tennis), Gary Lineker (football) and Michael Vaughan (cricket)

6. The following four have all won the Nobel Peace Prize. List them in order of the date they won the peace prize starting with the earliest: 
    Desmond Tutu, Jimmy Carter, Mikhail Gorbachev and Mother Teresa

7. List the following supermodels in order of their date of birth starting with the oldest 
    Kate Moss, Twiggy,  ?The Shrimp? Jean Shrimpton and Naomi Campbell

8. List the capitals of the following four countries in order starting with the capital with the least number of letters
    New Zealand, Iceland, Russia and Brazil?

9. List the following four people in order staring with the earliest, 
    King Canute , Sir Francis Drake, Alfred the Great  and William Tell

10. List the following four wars in order starting with the earliest, 
    Boer War, War of the Roses, American War of independence, Crimean


1. Telescope (1608) Hans Lippershey (Galileo was 1609), Spinning Jenny (1764) James Hargreaves, Morse code (1838) Samuel Morse and Penny Farthing (1870) Jame Starley

2. Thomas Chippendale (1718), Emily Bronte (1818), Henry Moore (1898) and Amy Johnson (1903)

3. 30 grams, 2 ozs (56.7 grams), 1 lb (453 grams) and 570 grams

4. Sweden (450,000) Finland (337) Norway (324) Denmark (43)

5. Virginia Wade (1945), Steve Davis (1957), Gary Lineker (1960), Laura Davis (1963) and Michael Vaughan (1974)

6. Mother Teresa (1979), Desmond Tutu (1984), Mikhail Gorbachev (1990) and Jimmy Carter (2002)

7. Jean Shrimpton (1942), Sep 1949 Twiggy (1949), Naomi Campbell (1970) and Kate Moss (1974)

8. Moscow, Brasilia, Reykjavik and Wellington

9. Alfred the Great (849-99), King Canute (995-1035), William Tell early 14 century and Francis Drake (1540-1596)

10. War of the Roses  (1455 ? 1487), American War of Independence (1775 ? 1783), Crimean  (1853 ? 1856) and Boer War (1899 ? 1902)


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