Initial Sayings Quiz 2

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Initial letters of well known phrases or sayings

The following quiz round was submitted by Bernie Gallagher. Many thanks Bernie, a nice round

1) O.T.R. - to be told privately or confidentially?

2) F.O.T.H. - to become angry or lose your temper?

3) T.T.M. - to poke fun at or ridicule?

4) P.A.F.O. - to con or trick someone?

5) K.F.S. - to be dumbfounded or taken aback?

6) P.Y.N.I. - to pry or butt in to something?

7) T.T.K. - to get married?

8) G.F.F. - to share or split the difference?

9) T.Y.B. - to economize or watch the pennies?

10) D.A.R. - to skedaddle or leave quickly?  


  1. Off the record
  2. Fly off the handle
  3. Take the mickey
  4. Pull a fast one
  5. Knocked for six
  6. Poke your nose in
  7. Tie the knot
  8. Go fifty fifty
  9. Tighten your belt
  10. Do a runner


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