Alternate As Quiz 2

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The following quiz round was submitted by Graham White from the UK.  Many thanks Graham, great job!

One-word answers with even letter A's

1. Which country has more coastline than any other.

2. Which company are the world's largest manufacturer of musical instruments.

3. Covering an area of over two million square miles, which geographical area takes its name from the Arabic for 'desert'.

4. 'Shy Boy', 'Cruel Summer' and 'Love in the First Degree' are titles of 1980's UK top 10 singles for which group.

5. What is the current name of the city (clue: capital city) which was founded in 1514 by the Spanish soldier and administrator Diego Velasquez.

6. In which stadium did a record 199,854 spectators attend the 1950 football World Cup final.

7. In Greek cuisine which popular starter dish comprises a pink pate made mainly from cod roe.

8. Which word is derived from the Sanskrit for 'great king' or 'high king'.

9. Found growing in areas from Florida to South America, which tropical tree produces a fruit resembling a melon, with orange coloured flesh and numerous blackish seeds in its central cavity.

10. What is the surname of Yasunari, the Japnese writer who, in 1968 won the Nobel Prize for Literature.  His novels include 'Snow Country' and 'A Thousand Cranes'.


1. Canada - with roughly 151,485 miles

2. Yamaha

3. Sahara

4. Bananarama

5. Havana - capital of Cuba and originally called San Crisobal de la Habana

6. Maracana - in Rio de Janeiro - technically in this particlar World Cup it was a group decider match.  Uruguay defeated the hosts Brazil 2-1 to win the trophy for a second time

7. Taramasalata - disgusting!

8. Maharaja - an alternative spelling is Maharajah

9. Papaya

10. Kawabata


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