Pauls Language Quiz 3

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1. A capital city, the name of movie starring Charlton Heston and the name of Jack Woltz's horse in the film The Godfather. Eight letters

2. New Vaudeville, Auguste, Character and Whiteface are all types of what?

3. What is the main difference between Libel and Slander?

4. Which Russian word beginning with the letter B means great or large?

5. What kind of storm is an HABOOB?

6. What is the English equivalent of the Welsh word "Popty Ping"?

7. Blüthner, Erard, Chickering, Broadwood, Beckstein, Heintzman and Cristofori are all famous examples of what?

8. Borrowed words used in the English language: 
    a: German word meaning "spirit of the times" - nine letters, 
    b: Scandinavian originating word meaning "a hard woven fiber formed into a rigid material" - six letters, 
    c: Swedish and Old Norse word for "commissary", "representative" and "steward" - nine letters, second letter 'M', 
    d: The German word for "health" - ten letters, 
    e: Swedish word meaning "a meal served buffet-style" - eleven letters, second letter 'M', last letter 'D'. 
    f: Russian word meaning "way" or "journey" and literally translated is "travelling companion" - seven letters, 
    g: A meringue dessert named after a Russian ballet dancer

9. The name for which kind of very elderly person stems from the Persian word for 'wax'?

10. Which unpopular little word is Latin for poison or slimy liquid?

11. Who was the most infamous of all the seraphim?

12. Shiguli and Zil are both examples of what in Russia?

13. The name for which vessel, often a habitat, stems from the Chinese for 'three' and 'plank'?


1. Khartoum

2. Clowns

3. Libel is written, whereas slander is spoken

4. Bolshoi

5. A sand or dust storm

6. Microwave oven

7. Piano builders or pianos

8. Seven answers: 
    a: Zeitgeist (lit; the trend at that time), 
    b: Wicker (such as in basketry), 
    c: Ombudsman, 
    d: Gesundheit, 
    e: Smorgasbord, 
    f: Sputnik, 
    g: Pavlova (Anna Pavlova)

9. Mummy

10. Virus

11. The devil (Satan, Lucifer etc)

12. Automobiles

13. Sampan


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