Pauls Language Quiz 2

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1. A sound made by an 'Anatidae' and a pejorative name of a fraudulent or ignorant pretender of a certain profession. Five letters, second letter "U".

2. In Japan, what is a gaijin?

3. Which medical emergency term stems from the French verb meaning 'to separate'?

4. What is the ancient Persian word for nation or land?

5. Which word for a meeting or conference stems from the Greek word for a drinking party?

6. The English language word 'brainwashing' was first coined during which war?

7. The name of which central European capital city means 'ford'? (as in river ford)

8. Which well-known word stems from the Latin for 'knowledge'?

9. Turks Head, Flemish Flake, Dutch Cringle and Granny are all examples of what?

10. The logogram '&', known as the Ampersand, is a contraction of which words?


1. Quack (Anatidae = Duck. In the medical sense, from the Dutch kwakzalver, charlatan)

2. A foreigner.

3. Triage

4. Stan

5. Symposium

6. The Korean War

7. Prague

8. Science

9. Knots

10. A contraction of "and per se, and"


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