Cryptic Groups Quiz 1

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The following quiz was very kindly sent to us by Alan MacDonald from the UK. Many thanks once again Alan, a challengingly great quiz round. Alan presents his quiz on the last Wednesday of the month at the 3 Horseshoes pub in Bubbenhall, near Coventry UK

Identify the musical pop groups from the cryptic clues given.

1. Is this a compromise on “Men only”?

2. One of the cast of “The Good Life” perhaps, using devices to regulate the beat

3. A female relative in a bit of a tangle

4. Actor Paul storms in and gets applause

5. Firearms and floribunda will lead you to this US group

6. According to the saying, these do not amass small flowerless plants

7. A religious servant who is a bit down in the dumps

8. What you might say to your two young sons if they asked “What is the best feature of Bournemouth?”

9. Ravers on a box at Hyde Park Corner

10. A poodle, an alsatian, a beagle and Paul McCartney for instance


1. Girls aloud

2. Gerry and the pacemakers

3. Twisted sister

4. Thunderclap Newman

5. Guns ‘n’ roses

6. Rolling Stones

7. Deacon blue

8. The Beach boys

9. Manic street preachers

10. 3 dog night

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