Pauls Language Quiz 4

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1. A maritime term and the direct opposite of 'Tantrums'. One word.

2. The Pied Piper of Hamelin. What does 'pied' mean?

3. What would 'Selenites' call home?

4. Which misused word means '10% destroyed'?

5. Which word meaning 'adroit' stems from the Latin word for 'right hand'?

6. Oromo, Igbo, Min Nan and Teluga are all examples of what?

7. Which Greek word for "grey" is also the name of a crippling childhood disease?

8. The meteorological term 'Southern Oscillation' is better known as what?

9. In classical architecture, what are the two Greek architectural orders that end with the letter 'c'? One point for each correct answer.

10. A modern problem, Nomophobia is the fear of what?

11. Which often used colloquialism for a certain political party stems from a 15th century Irish word for villainous robber?


1. Doldrums

2. Multi-coloured (spotted)

3. The Moon

4. Decimate (decimation)

5. Dexterity

6. Languages

7. Polio

8. El Nino

9. Ionic and Doric

10. Being out of mobile (cell) phone range. ('no-mobile-phobia')

11. Tory (from toruidhe)

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