What Comes Next Quiz 3

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2. Wilding, Todd, Fisher

3. Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan

4. Edward I, Edward II. Edward III, Richard II

5. Hartnell, Troughton, Pertwee

6. Silence of the lambs, Unforgiven, Schindler?s list, Forrest Gump

7. Dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, chicken, dog, pig

8. And now for something completely different, The Holy Grail, The life of Brian

9. Brazil, Brazil, England, Brazil, West Germany

10. Pugh, Pugh, Barney McGrew, Guthbert, Dibble  


1. U

2. Burton

3. Bush

4. Henry IV

5. Baker

6. Braveheart

7. Rat

8. The Meaning of Life

9. Argentina

10. Grubb  

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