Same Initials Quiz 10

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1. What collective name is sometimes given to films such as The Lavender Hill Mob, Kind Heart And Coronets and Whisky Galore?

2. What did Aston Villa win in 1982?

3. Founded in 1440 by Henry VI, which school stands on the bank of the Thames.?

4. Which dairy product is known for its red skin?

5. What do the French refer to as La Manche.?

6. Who wrote the riddle of the sands?

7. Where in August can you see a famous military tattoo?

8. What name was given to the friendly agreement made between Britain and France in 1904?

9. Where did Tony Hanckock live?

10. Where did Bruno Hauptmann die in 1936?


1. Ealing Comedies

2. European Cup

3. Eton College

4. Edam Cheese

5. English Channel

6. Erskine Childers

7. Edinburgh Castle

8. Entente Cordiale

9. East Cheam

10. Electric Chair


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