Alphabetical Quiz 10

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The following quiz round was submitted by Ted Smith from the UK. Many thanks Ted, a great idea.

The idea is that all the answers to the following questions follow each other in alphabetical order.

1. What did the Puritans ban the singing of?

2. Who chaired the successful Rhodesian independence talks in London?

3. What is the state capital of Nevada?

4. What is a shark's skeleton made of?

5. What is the art of drawing maps called?

6. What novel contains line "Who promoted Major Major"?

7. What was RL Stevenson's sequel to Kidnapped?

8. In the Bible, what did 80,000 men cut to build Solomon's Temple?

9. Who is Andy Capp's best friend?

10. In Monopoly, what is immediately before Park Lane?

11. What actor was called The Man of 1,000 Faces?

12. On TV, who were Sabrina, Kelly and Jill?

13. Who won Best Actress Oscar in 1988 film Moonstruck?

14. From which fruit is the drink Kirsch made?

15. If you are masticating, what are you doing?

16. In which city is Hill Street Blues set?

17. What country was scene of Boxer Rebellion in 1900?

18. Which film was based on the 3 Mile Island nuclear reactor disaster?

19. What nationality was Aladdin?

20. What substance makes plants green?


1. Carols

2. Lord Carrington

3. Carson City

4. Cartilage

5. Cartography

6. Catch 22

7. Catriona

8. Cedars of Lebanon

9. Chalkie

10. Chance

11. Lon Chaney

12. Charlie's Angels

13. Cher

14. Cherries

15. Chewing

16. Chicago

17. China

18. The China Syndrome

19. Chinese

20. Chlorophyll


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